Hello, I’m Jurien Hamaker, Full-stack Developer and Dev-ops architect Based in The Netherlands.

Jurien Hamaker

Hello! I’m Jurien Hamaker. A full-stack developer from the Netherlands, Zwolle. From a young age I've been interested in programming. Starting from small websites till creating full platforms. I especially love big projects involving both back-end & front-end development with a bit of dev-ops too!

  • Age: 26
  • Residence: The Netherlands
  • Address: Zwolle
  • Phone: +31 6 18 17 01 70
  • E-mail: [email protected]
2020 - Present
At Employes I am responsible for most front-end applications. This includes our backoffice, customer application & website. Besides the work I do for the front-end, I occasionally take on other tasks like;
  • Backend lambda's/functionality
  • CI/CD
  • Responsible for front-end deployments and DNS
  • Sub-project management
Most techniques used;
  • Angular & Gatsby
  • Docker + AWS Lambda
  • Git, Gitlab & Github + Gitlab CI & Github Actions
2019 - 2020
At monoz I function as the lead developer and scrum master. I am responsible for anything tech related at monoz; Code reviews, Dev-ops, AWS management & Programming several applications. Here I am tasked for creating a scaleable and modern custom furniture platform. Techniques used:
  • Node.JS + GraphQL
  • Javascript + angular
  • Docker + AWS Lambda
  • Git + Gitlab & Gitlab ci
2015 - 2019
As the lead developer at SuperBuddy I am tasked with several tasks. The most important are programming myself, doing code reviews, making development decisions, acting as a scrum master & making sure all our dev-ops related work is done. Together with the other developers I was tasked to create a great, scaleable & modern grocery delivery platform. Techniques used:
  • Node.JS + Loopback
  • Javascript + angular
  • Docker + Kubernetes
  • Git + Gitlab & Gitlab ci
2012 - 2016
MBO - Deltion College Zwolle
Here I followed the MBO course of application developer, a pre for HBO Software engineering. Most of the things I leared were basic web techniques and work preperations. During this course of 4 years I studied on my own to learn more techniques to use for web & mobile applications and used these techniques throughout my school assignments.
2010 - 2012
VMBO TL+ - Talentstad Rieteweg, Zwolle
2008 - 2010
VMBO TL - Het CCC, Zwolle
  • Angular
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Amazon AWS
  • Ionic
  • NodeJS & Javascript
  • CSS & Sass
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker & Docker-compose
  • Kubernetes & Rancher
  • Python & Django
  • PHP & Laravel
  • GIT
  • Continuous integration & delivery
  • Google Cloud & GKE
  • Linux
I enjoy programming a lot. Even in my free time I spent a lot of time on side projects.
I enjoy gaming, mainly online games I play with friends.
I tend to spent a lot of times with people around me. May they be friends, family or colleagues. Going out or sit at home playing board games or video games enjoys me the most.
Hanging on the couch late at night with a good movie or series is the best, we all know it.. Right?
Previous Work
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